while reading this story about how an abusive man, boyfriend of the mother of a child she had with an athlete, beat and strangled the child to death. i'm going to brush aside the bit about how this wouldn't have even made the news had a party not been famous. another point brought up was how this guy had abused multiple women in prior relationships and possibly children as well.

so maybe there should be a registry for abusers. there is already one for sex offenders. i realize that the sex offender registry is flawed (public urination) and punishes people after they've served their time, but i have possible fixes, at least for the abuser registry, that may also work for the former as well. the point of the registry being that these people are allowed to remain predators because the prey doesn't know who/what they are and the list can at least provide information.

first, you make this a repeat offender registry. i'm not saying that everyone gets to have one "accident" beating on their sig other or kid, but i am saying that patterns are difficult to judge from one incident. that will help from putting too many people on there unnecessarily. [this couldn't be applied easily to sex offenders.] however, if you have one drunken fight (as much as i do not think drunkenness is an excuse) that gets out of hand and you learn your lesson, you shouldn't be punished in perpetuity.

which brings me to my second point and one that can be applied to sex offenders as well, a way off the list. i believe people can change, but i also believe that it is very difficult and doesn't happen often. further, it seems a constant effort in cases of a person's nature or addiction. but if people genuinely change, for example no incidents in the last 5 / 10 / whatever years, they should be allowed to move on.

when i hear about murders i generally feel like it is a waste, such a stupid thing; sometimes i'm angry, depending on the circumstances. but instances of abuse of power, all sorts, make me furious deep down. if serial abusers were scooped up and dropped in the middle of the pacific or the arctic or into space, i'd be okay with that. i'm not pro capital punishment but everyone only gets so many chances. says me anyway.



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