not sure why but an old friend of mine popped into my head last night (not true, i am sure, but neither here nor there) and so i looked him up on that site everyone uses (sadly not this one). aside from the sparseness of his posts i saw that he was as much if not more religious than when i last saw him some 20+yrs ago. probably moreso. definitely moreso.

i wondered how his family was doing but i wasn't about to ask (reasons listed above) so i just looked at his friends list. his dad wasn't there but his parents had divorced and his dad was a dick so that made sense to me. his mom was. but his sister wasn't. and his sister is on the site and connected to their mom. i'm not sure why i find this odd but i did. and i kept poking around.

turns out his sister is gay, or i should say involved with a woman as that's all i know. and while i cannot express this properly, i find the whole situation fitting.

to be fair i'm only assuming that he's not on-board with her life choices (and no i'm not saying that i think being gay is a choice only that being open about it is) and that may be incorrect. and it's also a little weird saying something like people who are vehemently anti-gay rights should have to deal with it close up because that sounds like saying that racists should have a sibling be in an interracial relationship. it makes it feel like a lesson or a thing rather than a relationship and it can be alienating for both sides. i just mean that i find the juxtaposition sort of perfect. though it probably isn't perfect for the out sibling, maybe those situations will help people be more open to others.

and i'm sure this is all skewed around my personal biases but when someone wraps their life around religion and condemning others and adhering to rules that are conflictory and insular and their sister is talking about books and people and food and travel and philosophy i have to side with the latter and hope she breaks him rather than the reverse.



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