so i gave some food to a homeless man yesterday but i'm pretty sure i only balanced my daily karma. let me explain.

we had our yearly work picnic on thursday, which left lots of cookouty food in the fridge at work. along comes saturday and i have the hankering for a burger, which never happens. and seeing as how i never want them and now do, i figure i'll just go to work (closed) and slide out with some free lunch. i paid and brought stuff, so it wasn't completely as horrible as it seems.

nearly home i see a guy under the overpass and i can feel the taste of the food leaving my mouth. i can't just keep driving to my air conditioned home and gorge on picnic leftovers. so i flip a u, kick the tail out over the grass median and give him my bag of purloined lunch.

i then had lunch made of odds and ends, fell asleep, and left again hungry and planning to get food. got across town without my wallet. ended up not eating (aside from a cherry cola) for about 20hrs or so. can't complain i guess. sliding over the grass was payback enough.



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