i was either a teenager or early 20s and i was hanging out with my brother and possibly my sister and we ordered pizza. it was delivered by someone, don't remember any details, but the pizza itself was in bad shape.

it had been cut, but then it was seemingly placed in the center of a merry-go-round and spun vigorously. so removing a slice of dough would leave half of that piece and half of another piece uncovered and cheese hanging everywhere. so i called to complain, which is the only time i've ever done that.

i don't recall if they offered or i hinted that maybe they should replace these, but that was the offer made. and i do remember the guy who came to deliver the replacements.

he was an older guy and apologetic. and i couldn't even tip him because i had given all my cash to the original driver. if he had to redeliver it would have been fitting. but i felt bad. and still do.

i thought of all this because i've been a bit sick this weekend and what do you crave when you are sick but pizza, it seems. but i'm sure that guy was and is fine and i should get over it.



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