i saw a link via a friend; basically a woman burned some super expensive paintings that her son was/is? accused of stealing. i didn't see if it was on purpose or accident, not important. the article goes on about the tragedy saying it is a crime against humanity [linked to the mobile version because it includes that quote].

i can say that the one and so far only time that i've made it out of the country, i was astonished by the museums. i go to museums here from time to time. and i understand and appreciate that art begets art so it would be a bad idea to throw out old art with no regard for its importance or, at least, its impact.

but let's get some perspective. it's not a crime against humanity. even though i just said i understand the need to save there are two key points that need to be made.

1. you cannot keep everything. that's why there are rundown sections of cities everywhere in the states because the buildings are protected. fine. save some. maybe. but don't save them all. then you get sprawl and decay and needless destruction of greenspace. yes it is unfortunate sometimes but that's all.

2. the way to save things, art, literature, ideas. information. is to spread it, not keep it secret.

we'll never know what happened to JFK because it's been secret too long. i'm not a foil-hatter and concede it could have just been mr oswald, but it's been too long under wraps. something got lost in the shuffle. that's what governments count on. why are they mad at manning and snowden, because they let the secret out before it decayed and molded into a shadow of what it really was.

you know how you'll be hanging out with friends (or a friend) and one of them that has always been pretty awesome and whom you may or may not have had a crush on will tell you how they were into you X number of years ago. of course now they are married, or kids, or strung out, or live overseas, and you are sitting there for the rest of the night thinking why the fuck didn't you say something?! secrets are how things, opportunities, get lost.

my point, selfish owners of art, patent/copyright trolls and fiends, that is how things get lost. if no one will pay me for the high honor of looking at something that someone else painted years ago, then no one gets to see it. throw those people off a bridge, digitize the painting, sculpture, book, color, luster, texture, and share it widely. if the original goes, so be it. and if the digital copies somehow disappear, so be it. life is constant change and people fight it too much.



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