there's this new guy at work, an intern. and a few of us went to lunch with him as friendly gesture. so my phone vibrates but i don't check it because, whatever, i occasionally have manners. and my friend sitting next to me taps me and says she sent a text and i should check it. hmm, okay.

she basically says that she thinks he's gay and that he's into me. i don't have a problem if that's the case, and she was merely stating what she felt she had observed.

cut to last weekend. at a friend's house for a birthday gathering and i got a few looks from one of their friends who happens to be gay. now i wouldn't go so far as to assume he was into me as he probably wasn't, just as i wouldn't with a woman in a similar position. i just never assume that. i'm oblivious, remember? and it apparently has happened, i'm told. ..way after the fact.

i appreciate the interest, it can be flattering, but why can't people i'm into (which in my case happens to be women, but whatever) be so obvious in their interest that people can clue me in on it? it is frustrating, you see.



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