on the way to work this morning i was in a line of traffic leading to the cloverleaf to get on the interstate and there was a car pulled to side with its flashers on. on the overpass. i gave a few glances and it looked like a flat, which i can actually help with.

so i pulled over and walked up the breakdown lane of the overpass. Two young women (younger than me anyway) had the jack out (albeit upsidedown) but that was as far as they'd figured.

they were both very nice and the driver told me not to get dirty, but really, if i do that's the situation. she offered to buy me lunch and perhaps that was a pick up line that i am impervious/oblivious to, but i declined. the thought was very much appreciated though. they said more than once that maybe they should pay attention and learn something, and maybe they should, but i didn't think the breakdown lane of a busy overpass at rush hour was the best time to take it slow and explain what i was doing.

in and out in 10min and on my way. felt quite pleased the entire morning.

and in case future me thinks i got away looking smooth or dashing don't forget the part where the spare tire was on and not fully lowered so when i leaned in to really tighten the last nut, the wheel rotated and i smacked my cheekbone all over the car door. it left a mark.



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