i heard a story on public radio, years ago now, about how a large majority of people never write more than a few sentences or a paragraph at a time after they leave school. So at 25 or 22 or 18 or younger, most people stop writing. the point of the story, which i cannot find and if i am remembering correctly, was that blog sites and the internet were changing that somewhat.

and as foreign as that seems it seems obvious, too. i am not sure i would be writing if i wasn't writing here.

what i mean is that i think my writing here helped me in school and at work now. even though the writing in both instances (university/where i work) is completely different in tone, style, subject matter, capitalization, this has been not only a place that has developed my ability to communicate thoughts (somewhat) cogently, but also a place to exercise that part of my brain. the creative part, maybe, but specifically the part that makes connections that has ideas. it seems partial to training/exercise as everything else and i know those times when i haven't been writing (here or anywhere else) that i feel less sharp and it is almost painful to restart.

so while i do not consider myself to be quick or bright or all that creative, i do wonder how people who don't write get by. what keeps them fresh.



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