so at about 2a this morning i was still awake and went to put something in the kitchen, when i happen upon a bug. honestly, while i don't like finding a bug in my house, it's generally annoying and that's it. but this particular sort displeases me. so anyway, there is nothing nearby to destroy it with and it makes it to safety. so i took the syrian regime route and resorted to chemical warfare.

i'm sorry, those are the rules. bugs outside have free reign. but when they come inside, they have limited options. i'm not a buddhist.

so, bug gets away, reign of terror happens, and then i go sleep on the couch. i do that. don't get hung up on that.

cut to this morning, i assume bug will be dead on the kitchen floor as they like to make a big dramatic scene. nope. oh well. i get some cereal take it back to the couch and am eating it when i look at the entryway by the front door. poisoned bug. besides breakfast officially ending, what just happened?

either this poisoned thing found some sort of insect autobahn through the walls, a thought which does not excite me in the least. or, this dying unholy beast (yes, i said it) exits its bunker, walks around the counter, down the corridor, and finishes its death march across the living room (where i am sleeping, mind you) to the front door. i was beyond nonplussed.



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