i am at a level of certainty, on the idea of having children, where i don't think about it anymore. it is not an absolute. most things aren't. but, if i'm allowed to make absurd comparisons in this digital compendium, i would compare it to something like heroin. you see, i have no plans to take heroin but, if a set of circumstances were to come along i might. say i get a terminal illness, am in significant pain, and nearly dead. were someone to arrive with some free trade heroin (i still have socioeconomic morals to consider, thank you) to have one last experience other than writhing pain before i blip into nothingness, i would at least consider it. point being, the idea of having kids with someone is not off the table. or maybe it is off, but it is adjacent to. or on a bookshelf nearby.

that said, the pool of people who are single, within an acceptable age range, not crazy, and without children is still dwindling. soon enough it will level off, but i digress.

at least with your own kids you are the final say. now i'm not looking to have a power trip, but as a step-parent you are far more limited and subject to their moral code. last thing anyone wants is to have a sensible decision of theirs reversed. and, no, i don't know how i started down this path.



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