too hasty it seems. years ago finding lyrics on the internet for anything but the most potent top-10 schlock was impossible. which was unfortunate as you did not need lyrics for exactly those overplayed songs because no word was over five letters and even if it was a homophone of something else, the sheer ubiquitousness of those songs provided ample time to figure out said discrepancies.

then there was this halcyon time where lyrics to most everything were reasonably easy to find and nearly always correct.

maybe you haven't noticed, since you aren't 17, that finding lyrics now is like finding a lawyer that specializes in car accidents with big trucks. the internet is lousy with lyric sites but they are all either so bugged that my "bug" tracker has to scroll or they have ads that somehow make it through multiple layers of ad blocking. and then when you do make it to the site itself, or a really convincing ad that looks like a lyric site, the lyrics are wrong.

not just a little wrong. missing enough syllables wrong. i can understand a missed word here or there, i don't like it as i can miss words on my own thanks, but when the person sings nine syllables and you have six, you're making things worse. and then, THEN, huge swaths of these sites seem to be little more than mirrors as they will have the same messed up lyrics. so it may take seven or eight different sites to find one with a different "take" on the lyrics and they'll get that one line right but then screw up elsewhere.

that every single artist with a website (and those without, really?) doesn't have all of their lyrics readily available is unfathomable at this point. i told you. bursts.



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