i was thinking about how we have these cultural and social veneers that separate the public and the private and how thin they are. but maybe that is how things are and escaping that construct is more difficult than just observing it and finding it odd.

based on little more than clothing choices we are all mm away from being naked, which we generally keep for more private moments. we drive around in cars where, again, mm of glass and metal maintain a bubble of atmospheric and aural calm as the world passes at a less than calm rate. our worlds (computers and phones and the myriad accounts, messages, photos, data therein) exist on silicon in boxes of metal and plastic with only a password keeping the "in" bits in. our thoughts are only internal by whatever filter we've accepted or had imposed. everything is right at the surface of a well-inflated balloon waiting for a needle to pass by.

but perhaps it can't be another way. the only thing between being earth and mars is an electromagnetic field, we exist based on a razor-thin atmosphere, without skin we are dead (and gross). i don't necessarily think there should be a thick layer dividing the internal and external of whatever medium, and i wonder if there even could be. i just find it fascinating that there isn't.



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