i bought some new glasses last week, or this week, whatever, i don't want to get into it.

the way getting new glasses feels to me, is comparable to maybe only getting new shoes when i was really young. we only ever really had one pair of shoes at a time, for everyday use anyway, and it was somewhat of an identity. that is what people would see you in for six months or a year. i can even remember two pair of my favorites.

and nothing really has quite that ubiquitousness about it because i rarely wear the same thing day after day, unless you count jeans on vacation, in which case you caught me. nothing that is, except glasses. granted, my prescription hasn't changed much year to year and none at all this year so sometimes i will have more than one pair but i generally only wear one day to day. so, when i get a new pair, it almost feels like the start of a new school year or getting a new car.

for better or worse, we are associated with the things we have or wear and even though nothing about me will be different, really, it feels like they could be.



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