i find it odd or maybe funny when someone spends a lot of time reading what you've thought/typed and doesn't say anything. i don't find it rude or creepy, just sort of.. something.

though it may depend on how someone consumes or views this. if they read it like a (really horrible, non-flowing, streamofconsciousness) story or text documentary, then not responding directly seems appropriate. i don't think that i've ever contacted an author or director/screenwriter based on their work, though based on this maybe i should. i guess, being the one who is typing on a keyboard and watching the words appear on the monitor before posting them, i see it as more of a spilling of thought in blocks of text.

and while i occasionally reread bits or use it to find details of stories that i've since forgotten, i don't really make use of it as a life history. for me it's more a release as once i've unloaded my thoughts here, or elsewhere, whatever was holding onto that portion of synapses lets go. so maybe this is for others what others' is for me, which is a very small, skewed, blurry window into their lives, to which they've left open the shutters for anyone that may pass by.



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