this merely backs up the claim i've previously made.

a week or two ago i stepped outside my front door and as i turned to lock it i noticed two women walking (as a form of exercise, not just that they were mobile and on foot) who would become key to my hypothesis, yet i could not know it at the time. my screen door (screen door, storm door, what do you say?) had not yet swung shut when one of the women said, "ooOOooh you smell good." i assumed, as every person in their right mind would, that she was talking to her friend. i should note that they were some 40ft away (13m) but downwind.

i turned to walk down the few stairs to my car and noticed they were looking at me and one said, "what are you wearing?"

i pulled the old, who me? routine to which they said, "yes, you."

i told them at which point they repeated the name of it and one said to the other, "mmm. girl, it is a shame, it is a shame."

now, they could have been saying it was a shame that someone like me smelled like that [cold] or that it is a shame they couldn't pounce on me like a well-famined irlandaise on a pomme de terre. regardless, i fucking smell good. that's what i do.


oh yeah, new humor. or, something new at that link.


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