i think it is funny silly that there are things you aren't allowed to say. fire in a theater (why is it always a theater?), a bomb joke at an airport (or anywhere for that matter), or anything whatsoever regarding the mere well-being of certain elected official in a very very pale home.

you can say all that, but not without severe repercussions (i hate the spelling of that word). they're just words.

likewise, you cannot ask someone why they went and got married and had kids before realizing that the person they are with is a miserable bastard whom they wish they'd never met. you cannot ask someone why they thought quitting their job and living with/off of their parents for three years while having/raising a kid alone was a good idea. you cannot ask someone why they felt it was reasonable to disregard someone so fully as to live a double life. you can; you won't get an answer, but rather severe retaliation.



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