okay, retail and customer service girls--who i will for the time being call the pinnacle of confusing women even though i can't see that being anything more than a temporary moniker--riddle me this. (there is no riddle, only a question. the riddler should have been called the questioner, riddle seems a very loosely defined idea.) (are you following this through all these tangents and this fourth wall questioning?)

the thing is, you are cute, but do you want to know that at work? my thinking, though irrelevant, is that as nice as it probably is in isolation that dealing with 100 mostly gross people every day after every day probably leads one to want to not hear anything personal from them and perhaps even leads to a wall.

if i were to poll my retail working female friends, my guess is that something to the effect of, depends on who is saying it, would result. that's not the question. yes, we all want vampires and characters that actresses portray (fyi, women, i don't get your addiction to vampires) to tell us nice things, but that doesn't count.

so would you rather hear, at work, that a customer thinks that you are cute, or that you have great shoes or hair, realizing that this might come from an underwear model or a hobo with some spare change. or would you rather not be bothered at all. choose. (use the messageboard if you'd like, that's why it's there.)


yes, it all stems from seeing a cute girl at a cash register. yes, yes, you're very smart.


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