sometimes, often enough, i get tired around 8p and normally i am doing something or i shower shortly thereafter and i end up staying up too late. and along will come an evening, like the one just passed, where i will have taken a shower early, so why not sleep. i like sleep.

why not is because when i do, my body wakes me up at stupid hours like 130a and decides that it is best i don't get tired until right about now, which is late enough where if i went back to bed i'd wake up at something stupid like 8a and then have to stay late at work to make up the hours. or do what i'm going to do which is go in early and yawn all day.

there is this thought i had the other day but put aside. except it's 5a so now's the time to let it loose into the world.

breasts are generally great (i know, right?), but think of them this way. take a flat torso* then remove the nipples and place them in space^ some amount of inches forward from the torso and maybe down an inch or four. then, in the space between put a bag of skin and fill it with tissue and fat. and yet, they're great, go figure.


* - i wanted to say undeveloped (in terms of both muscle and breast tissue) like a child, but that turns this all creepy. all i meant was to start with a blank canvas of sorts.

^ - if you just stopped reading that sentence there, then i could make a pun like the areola borealis. it's a shame you kept reading.


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