i'm going to properly vent in hopes of getting it out of my head.

in the past four months i was passed over for promotion while i was taking graduate classes, in charge of a charity drive, planning social events for the office, doing the job of two people (literally; mine and that of a woman on maternity leave), and having someone rather important to me leave my life completely.

i add the last point because despite all of that, no one, not a single person at work, knew that i haven't slept well or in a bed since october, that not crying at my desk might as well have been a daily calendar appointment for october for all the focus it took. everything was done, including side projects, special requests, and a secondary assignment.

i don't expect anything for acting like an adult. i know it sounds like i do. it has just been a really hard few months and it would have been nice for something to go unexpectedly well.

here's hoping that goes away now.



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