since i'm awake anywayhalf because i'm on another time zone still, half because a fever since last nighti figure..

at some point in the airports, which are lonely as is and even moreso when everyone else is traveling in pairs at the minimum for a holiday, i realized something that i should probably tattoo on the back of my hand so i couldn't not see it.

that is, when you're with someone you get annoyed at things. stupid, little things oftentimes. you get over them or you don't but the result is that you're with someone whom your happy to be with most of the time.

when you're not, and you get annoyed at things. things you can't do as a one, or whathaveyou. you figure it out or forget about it and the result is that you're still alone.

i don't need to be a half, but i would rather share whatever than not. i don't even care about thanksgiving, but it was pretty clear that i do care about things.



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