a couple of saturdays ago i was watching a rerun of saturday night live - both because i wasn't tired and because paul mccartney was on an i wanted to see what he'd played - and thus i didn't get to bed until midnight. of course, then i wasn't able to fall asleep very easily and all i know is that i was asleep some time before one.

how can i be certain? because (smartass) at just after one i was awoken by some sort of alarmish sound. this was saturday night/sunday morning mind you and so it wasn't my alarm clocks (multiple), i don't sleep next to my phone, and my smoke alarm makes me deaf so the fact that i could hear something ruled that out.

i was awake and concerned, but groggy. after i figured out it was a car horn, i tried to locate it aurally without much success. looked out the back into the small lot, nothing seemed amiss. after a few minutes it was still going, and not a beep beep beep, but a solid beeeee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeee (i'm not sure where the line breaks need to be) eeeeeee eeeeep. so i got worried that since someone else had not rectified the problem that maybe it was my car. so i went downstairs and the sound was getting louder, ugh.

grabbed my keys and opened the door, and the sound was everywhere. it took a second but i could tell it was coming from one of two cars across the street, just not which one.

it was a little creepy that no one else had come outside to this wailing, no one was looking out their windows, yelling for someone to shut it off, cops weren't there, nothing. so i went back inside assuming it was going to be handled forthwith.

wrong. so i give it a few more minutes and i swear, while looking out the window a guy walks down the street walking his dog. it's c.130a people, and he doesn't even look in the direction of the horn blaring as he passes it, and neither does the dog!! at this point i - for probably the first time in my life - actually pinched myself to see if i was awake or not. turns out i was. but come on, what sort of robodog doesn't look at an ear piercing sound or at least try to run away from it? (one with a malfunctioning sound input, but i digress.) it felt like '28 days later', which i haven't even seen, so you can tell i was freaking out a little bit.

i called the cops, and they said they'd send someone out. they sent three cops who poked around, shined some lights, and of course, the sound dies 3min after they arrive. so they leave. and it started again!, okay it didn't but whatever.

point is, i had just listened to a blaring C-sharp (i have no clue what it was) for 45min non-stop. so then i had some sort of contra-tone ear ringing and couldn't get to sleep for another half hour. i should have just cut their tires but i'm sure just as i bent down to do so the zombies would have tackled me.


oh, p.s. and all that, so i finally fell asleep and started dreaming something or other and at some point in the dream thought, that's weird so i'd better pinch myself, couldn't feel it, thought, f this, jive turkeys, and woke up for another 30-45min. suck it dark red land rover, i hate you.


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