we are so backwards here. poor education system, but don't spend on education, no. give tax cuts to the already rich because even if they spent the free money (which they do not) the money will at best go to a corporation selling all sorts of disposable crap, and most likely that corporation will be overseas.

stores have been having perpetual 'sales' for years now and nothing much has changed. spending is not stimulating the economy, that much is clear. moving money around in circles, or in direct lines to elsewhere does nothing. we need development, progress, change.

to get there it seems like we need to address the problems with education. just throwing money at it won't fix it, otherwise we'd have solved every problem (including defense about fifty times over) by now. we need to innovate but those in power don't want to change when they have paid so well to profit from the current system (see: MPAA, RIAA, pharma, insurance, etc.). it is bad enough that politicians are in their pocket, but half of the country thinks progress should be shunned as if someone has just discovered fire. somehow scientists are less believable than your neighborhood racist, hypochondriac friend, or uneducated relative.

if i ever find my way out of the country, it won't be because of an election or a particular law. it will be because the stagnant water has become too dangerous to drink.



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