having spent the evening with friends, i have come to the conclusion that i should probably move somewhere else. i am too comfortable and unsatisfied where i am to stay.

i enjoy spending time with them but i can see myself ten years from now still enjoying spending time with people here. i have no need to find anyone else. and while that is a nice position to be in regarding friends, it's not so nice when you're sitting on their couch and your arm is around no one.

so unless something changes in the interim, i need to leave in about a year. i am not setting that s some arbitrary time limit, rather in about year � give or take � i can request a transfer and keep my job.

it is unfortunate as i like my friends and places near here, but i am tired of long-distance relationships or no relationships so maybe if i move somewhere else, there will be someone there already. that will be the plan for now.



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