you know what i am thinking and so there's no need to say it.

instead, this..

on friday (yesterday) i was washing my car after work, as it had been a few weeks, and a few long trips, and it was bad. i was almost at the point of drying it off when i noticed a honeybee on one of my wheels. generally i shoo bugs away as they tend to smear and die when crushed. but this bee was not having any of it, instead it just sat there.

at that point i remembered a conversation i had with someone at work about how his garden was not producing as there were no honeybees where he lives. and it was during that conversation that i realized that i hadn't seen a single honeybee this year either. i'm aware of the hives dying off and the problems that is causing but i hadn't noticed not seeing any until then.

so, cut back to friday, and i figured i'd better see what's up. i couldn't tell whether it had gotten wet during my spraying or if it was thirsty. i guessed the latter and physically pushed it onto my microfiber sponge, which was pretty cool as it didn't seem to mind.

so then i filled a little lid with water and poured it on the fibers near where it was sitting and it seemed to make use of the moisture.

i went about drying my car, occasionally pouring more water on the sponge. when i was done it was still there. i thought maybe it was cold, being possibly wet and in the shade, so i went to pick up the sponge to set it in the sun and i got a lively buzz out of it. it moved around a bit and flew off, seemingly fine, and that was that.

and seeing as how it will soon be autumn, and i've only seen the one, i am going to have to assume that i saved the only honeybee i'll see all year.



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