i do not remember the last date i went on where more than a day or two afterward i thought that spending more time with that person, let alone a lot more time, was a sound decision.

i'm not sure how much higher on the fence about it i can climb. the long run of a relationship takes work, and i have no problem with that, but the short run should be a fair bit more effortless.

it is tiring. if you are into me it would be nice if i were into you, or the reverse.

discussing it with a friend over (a huge) lunch yesterday (think in terms of the amount of food and not importance), it is not the little things that are so much of a problem, it is the conglomeration of those little things. do you really have to be borderline being-committed-by-the-state to have interest in me, or is that just how it seems?

on top of that, how do you find the time? work is crazy, i actually enjoy sleep, and my free time is not spent actively hunting down non-existent sushi-loving, tennis-playing, bike-riding, wall-climbing, sense of humor-having, smart, attractive women. and why not? two reasons.
1. people like that are already with someone; and/or,
2. people like that are in the same situation i am in where they have no time to look or be looked for. quite a significant hitch.



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