[again, in DC?, blah blah.]

i really wish i wasn't still awake as i will be awake again in less than six hours [joy] but i just wanted to put down this thought as i have them so rarely.

it seems funny how people are repulsed by the creepy, the addict, the morbidly obese, the criminal. i think that a considerable portion of the difference is simply a lack of restraint.

i am in the camp [i think] that places considerable weight on choice and responsibility but a momentary lapse can start a ball rolling. not even including people with genetic or hormonal issues, mental wiring defects, or horrible childhoods.

i can honestly say that there have been times that i had to think the thought, "don't reach out and touch that stranger's shoulder," or hair, or hand. ideas regarding crimes come to mind every now and then. i enjoy food immensely.

this is not about what is or should be normal either, because even the smelliest of hippies has to realize that at some number of standard deviations away from the mean that person is going to bite your hand off or drive onto a crowded sidewalk.

we are all very few choices away from the edge. i don't understand what keeps some people on one side and drives some to the other.



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