[let me direct you to the last post as i'm in need of evening fun in d.c. next week. i guess that sounds dirty, but that reflects on you as i have no delete key.][a lie.]

i thought of this, in part, because of a dream. fair warning.

last night i had the best hug that i've had in a long time. granted it was all in my head, so of course it was better than lame real ones. here's the deal. the weak semi-hug is pointless. you are unnecessarily touching me and i'm getting nothing out of it.

i should note that if you are in the vast majority of the population (i'm thinking > 99%), i don't want you hugging me anyway. but if i'm going to reciprocate, make it worth my time.

the same thing goes for handshakes, but i cannot be bothered. nor did i have a dream about a handshake so great that i felt a need to consider the issue on my drive to work and then write about it some 12hrs later.

seriously, imaginary women are capable of some pretty awesome hugs. and if i don't see that on a t-shirt or bumper sticker in the next three weeks, i am going to be disappointed. [another lie.]



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