so this came to me while i was cleaning a knife and cutting board having chopped up onions and garlic for a pasta sauce. you figure it out, because i cannot.

80s sitcoms had to be a pe do phi le's (alternatively pa edo...) fantasy entertainment. oh, i'm crazy? okay.

diff'rent strokes, old guy takes in two young boys.

punky brewster, old guy takes in young girl.

webster, couple takes in young boy.

mr. belvedere, old guy moves in with family including young boy and teenage girl.

charles in charge, college guy looks after various girls and boys.

who's the boss, guy moves in (albeit with daughter) to a house with young boy.

doogie howser, need i say more?

full house, guy and his three daughters live with an uncle and an "uncle".

alf, furry says he's an alien to get into a house with a young boy and teenage girl.

silver spoons could be in there, but it was probably depressing for them to see a young kid with everything he wanted already.

i'm sure that i'm leaving stuff out, but i may have creeped myself out of watching any of those shows again so i should stop before i include something good.



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