part two of the offensive express.. (it's a three-parter. no, really.) recently i mentioned how i thought that it might be a good idea if not just anyone could procreate. of course it quickly devolved into me defending it as not really fascism, which is never a good selling point. the thrust was sound, i feel, even if i did not then have the appropriate mechanism through which to carry out said non-fascist idea.

i have come up with an idea however, and i'd like to try it out. in my head it is borderline offensive and i'm aware that when taken in by other heads it could cross that border and head for new, further borders. but like so many things, so be it.

i recently [re-]heard the stat that one in five american adults has genital herpes, which is a fairly staggering number and proportion. [and before herpes-sufferers get defensive, way more people have all different sorts of the virus and it spreads easily and a ton of people have variations and don't know it, so maybe i have brain herpes and it's making me type this, pity me.] let's stay on track. so all these people have it and are spreading it. so i say, we need something like that but the effect would be � instead of whatever effects herpes actually has � ready? sterility. hear me out.

there are all these people having random unprotected sex and producing who knows how many kids [2007: most american births in one year, ever], and spreading who knows what. all i'm saying is, let's take these poor decision makers out of the gene pool right there.

and don't twist my words. i don't care if two other people want to have sex. i don't think sex should be used only for having kids. i don't even think the two ('sex' and 'having kids') need be in the same discussion, because if you're trying to do one you're not trying to do the other.

all i'm saying is, do i think we need the results of drunken frat parties in the multiples of 10,000 every year? no. if i have to guess, then going by statistics some of my friends were probably the result of some accidental pregnancy. while i like them the same, i don't think we need to fill the world beyond capacity on the off chance i might meet someone who also likes chinese food.


if i died in the very near future, and the police were to investigate, i'm pretty sure that they would think that herpes had something to do with it based on recent google activity. i swear i was just checking my sources.


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