i think that people who cut down trees on their property on a whim should maybe pay some sort of penalty. at the very least, i presume their intelligence is less than average. to be honest, i get a little angry, too.

i was thinking about hunting yesterday and instead of making hunting mostly illegal, i think one should have to kill one's own protein or go without. a benefit would be that a majority of people would likely turn to meat substitutes and become vegetarians.* a con would be that i would not have sushi for a long time, however, tuna would still be around in a few years so that when i do have it, i won't feel bad about eating the last one.

yeah, yeah, almost every benefit of the modern world is predicated on individuals not having to grow/procure their own food. shut up.


* no, i'm not a vegetarian. i eat fake meat burgers but am making chili with real meat later today. go figure.


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