i currently have a pending offer to be set up on a blind date. okay, well, it would not be entirely blind as i've seen a few photos, but it would be at least a deaf and dumb date. not even any resources to background check.. but that's not really my point.

i should be somewhat interested, but i don't think that i am. blind dates never end well. if the date is fine then the person is not, if the person is fine then date is a disaster. if both are fine then the second date reveals mental instability or blank stares. it's a crap shoot with really sucky odds, even for crap shooting.

everyone i've ever had anything serious with i have been able to get to know beforehand. i've talked with them, or hung out, or had classes together. it goes back to the whole people have to get to know me first bit (#5), and i guess maybe it goes both ways.

and while i am still rather interested in again being able to fall asleep to someone else's breathing and having a connection of that sort with someone, i find myself growing more apathetic to the idea. whatever that means.

and i got a haircut, after 6.5mos, and i miss tucking my hair behind my ears, even though it was annoying. i'd accept being able to tuck someone else's. apply below.



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