i have a particular album that hurts when i listen to it, which is unfortunate because i happen to like it. what i find odd is that i have connections between many events and a lot of music, but every thing else i have (that i can think of or have recently come across) has been rewritten. copied over. except this.

[here i got a little mentally sidetracked wondering whether new associations copied over old ones replace the old ones or simply sit next to them on the library shelf in my head. without thinking about it i say it feels more like the former. then, if the new really does replace the old then is it of an equivalent quality (all things being equal), or does it degrade like a cassette with each re-dub? again, in a hurry i say it feels like the latter, but i'm less certain of this, which is to say that i'm less certain than less certain.]

that aside, i find it odd that i haven't copied over this in all this time. i guess that i did not want to rehash bad during better times, and so it has lain dormant.



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