please pardon the potentially ensuing disjointedness, should it occur. merci.

i think that i have been up for about 36 hours. that is a bit of a lie as i slept for about 15-40min (i honestly don't know which) earlier this evening. what is weird is that while i have gone through much rougher stretches (there was at least one week in high school i think i got 12-16hrs of sleep or so), i seem to be losing entire sections of time.

i apparently commented - multiple times - recently on a site and not only had no recollection of doing so, but in an attempt to rebut a reply to one of my forgotten comments, i kept finding myself lost. meaning while rereading my retort for logical and grammatical mistakes i felt completely lost, as if i hadn't just written that. i'm still confused about that. here's hoping against early onset dementia.

i just pinched myself to be sure. it's very weird. i feel like i've lost large sections of time.

maybe i should go sleep.



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