i have had these little things that i've been thinking about how to broach, or if i should, and then she goes and writes that and who am i if not a coattailer who loves list-making.

apparently making lists of 25 things is all the social networking rage, i was unaware. hannah brought this hitherto unbeknownst-to-me fad to light. i don't know if i have 25* separate bits of information to share but it will help me empty my mental 'maybe' list.

1. i brush my teeth in the shower. not exclusively or necessarily but when i need a shower and i need to brush my teeth, i combine the events.

2. looking out the side window of a car is a novelty for me. since i am almost always the one driving me, i don't often get the opportunity. occasionally when the road is particularly empty i'll look out either the driver's or passenger's side window for a solid 10sec or so. i enjoy it. [2b. i don't put a space between the amount and the unit of measurement.]

3. i enjoy about half to sixty percent of pulp fiction, the breakdown is roughly that the scene has to include jules, vincent, and or mia. the beginning of the robbery scene is an exception.

4. the only thing i do not like about sleep is waking up when i cannot go back to sleep directly. i have to be seriously excited for whatever is about to happen for me to be happy to no longer be asleep.

5. a funny trend seems to exist for people i've relationshipped: they have to get to know me before they like me (i.e. no one likes me right away); they like me for a while, presumably getting to know me more and more; eventually they get to know me to the point they no longer like me. (les pouts)

6. i don't drink.

7. i don't smoke (what do i do?)

8. i've tried to stop eating tuna sushi since it is severely overfished. it is tough. also while it may be a good thing from a kantian perspective, i really hope tuna doesn't disappear as i will kick myself for not having any while i could.

9. i like hearing parents talking to young children in a foreign language and the children replying in english. the interplay is fascinating. which is, i guess, a segue for saying that if i were to spend my life with someone, it wouldn't be bad if they were bilingual.

10. there is no event i do regularly for which i will wear a hat.

11. i am not sure i remember what someone else's skin or lips or hair feel like. i think i do, but i think a lot of things that aren't so.

12. i do not own a single pair of white socks. the closest i have is a pair of grey argyle socks where some of the diamonds are white.

13. i miss playing tennis. a lot. i used to play at least once a week, but that was years ago. eventually i will have to find another group to play with. i used to really love playing and i wonder if i would again.

14. i move on very slowly, and have for as long as i can remember. i think that adversely affected two relationships, but i cannot be sure.

15. i haven't had a haircut since late october. i really want to cut it all off, moreso than when i last said it. i have to remind myself not to.

16. i can pop my left ankle for the first time since i hurt it in late november. it is not entirely better but i am not sure what specifically was injured either.

17. in the past 27 months (i had to count) the wife of a very good friend of mine has offered to leave him for me, through � it is my contention � no fault of my own. also, they have kids. as in, more than one. fun, eh? oh, i forgot to mention that she's offered twice. (i do not consider this a good thing, in case that was not clear.)

18. i am not really close with anyone right now, in any way. it doesn't feel weird, but i don't like it.

19. i almost never use someone's name when talking to them. i don't know what it is, but i think some of it has to do with number twenty-one.

20. i hate marketing. and while i'm not a fan of advertisements in general, i differentiate the two. businesses have to make money, and advertising tells people that their product exist. by 'marketing,' here, i mean misleading to make your product appear better. if i were in charge, all products could inform you of facts only. suck it.

21. another segue: i hate people who misrepresent who they really are. i am sure everyone does it to some extent at least some of the time and so i hate myself. but what i really hate about it is that people are drawn to fake people. i get why, but i don't have to like it. the connection with nineteen (and twenty) is that there is this idea that using someone's name when talking to them lowers their defenses or draws them in or makes them more apt to like you or something. so there's this whole ploy for car salesmen and the like to use a customer's name to establish trust, or for some person to hit on another person. except it's all fake.

22. in general, you want me on your team for a trivia game.

23. i don't like tasting something that someone else has bitten or drank out of. it is an entirely mental thing as, if you are that person in my life, it doesn't bother me. i've shared gum with someone. if you aren't that person, then i have to really (really) want to taste what only you have. seriously, even people i'm related to, no thanks. [23b. similarly, i reserve kisses on the lips for one person at a time. granted i don't kiss people anyway, but should it come up, cheek or otherwise, not lips.]

24. i all but require cold sheets, [which is one of the reasons i don't like flannel or "t-shirt" sheets,] but it wasn't always this way. when i was younger, in the winter, it took a long time to warm up my sheets. i'd have to start curled in a ball otherwise my legs/feet would get cold while the sheets would stay that way. so i would slowly extend my body under my blankets as warmth built up. now, while i enjoy freshly laundered bedding, i dislike sleeping in it fresh from the drier.

25. i have preferences for just about everything, but i'm open to suggestions most of the time. take that as you will.


* - twenty-five was indeed a lot of bits to come up with. i was semi-stuck while trying to remember things after finishing each one early on in the single digits, but i wasn't really stuck until around twenty, if it wasn't obvious.



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