i'm not sold on obama yet. heck, [pardon my language, ma'am,] my head still hasn't wrapped around him being president. however. it is nice to have someone come up to a microphone and answer questions.

he and i do not agree on everything but at least he does not sneer and speak condescendingly. the fact that he actually answers the questions asked of him instead of just dodging them altogether is nice. the kicker is that he appears to actually understand issues, whereas his predecessor appeared to be in the early stages of either alzheimer's or dementia. [and if you think that a harsh criticism, so be it. i've been around someone with both and that is how it seemed with the last guy. showing me how to work a remote control three times in one hour, meanwhile he no longer knows what numbers are.]

i never was and probably never will be a rabid obama fan, but after the disappointment of not having gore and not having kerry (say what you will, they were each the smarter candidate when they ran), it is nice to have someone who appears to know what he is doing up there.



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