i'm sick of hearing about the obamas. all of them. i'm sure that this is extended from hearing about endless candidates and primaries and exploratory committees and debates and idiots who hunt moose and everything else for two+ years. it didn't help that the entire dog and pony show did little but distract us from the best evidence for birth control [bush] to ever be elected to anything. anywhere. why hold him [bush] (or congress) accountable for anything when things will change in 2009? except this line of thinking started, oh, around 2006. (or 2001.)

so i do understand that he is the first non-full-european ancestry person elected to the office, and i get that he is following a stain of a predecessor, and i get that there is a lot of hope that things will change. i get it, but i'm tired of hearing about it.

also, aren't we ratcheting the pressure up just a little much? consider, if the economic collapse hadn't happened under bush, his second term (with already massive debts, horrible economic inequality, a country headed in the wrong direction on many fronts, two draining wars with no end, and medicare/medicaid/social security/the national deficit still looming like paul bunyan's ax over a forest) would have been considered a success. take a second. a success.

now the incoming has to end two wars, quickly and well (two things that do not go together), turn the budget around while fixing the economy (see previous parens), and be a billboard for the rest of the world to say that we really aren't racist still.

let's not forget the aforementioned ax, so many useless subsidies and tax breaks as to make your abacus finger smoke, the fact that we support failing businesses (cars) and business models (riaa & mpaa) just for the nostalgia of it, our dumb and fat children, our dumb and fat adults, and our abhorrence for the elite in any field where a brain matters.

so i get that he's a big deal to a lot of people. and considering the past discussions i've had with professors, i do appreciate the situation. so i can give it another month or two. but if i am still hearing horrible combination words using his last name and -mania or -tastic, come tax day, i'm going to have to move to the amazon.

edit: also, stop comparing him to abraham lincoln. if he somehow is comparable, that will only be clear in years to come. as it is the comparison only cheapens both of them. there are very few great presidents, and they fall-off rapidly after abe.



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