i almost forgot what i did not even know i wanted to mention about last night, but i did.

we (friends and i) were playing this trivia game from the seventies and i was being the questioner because i didn't feel like playing. i got to one question that included the name of a historic french vessel (ship) and i stumbled with it. it was a word i had never seen before, and for some reason or another it perplexed me. (in retrospect, it shouldn't have, but it did.)

as i repeated it once, and then again to make sense of it � more for myself than them � one of them extended his hand and said: 'here, let me see it.' not in that inquisitive, "oh it must be something interesting" sort of way. no. but, "let me do it for you."

all i wanted to say was, "fuck off," but instead i let him see. at which point he pronounced it poorly, and deemed the issue settled.

i should note that i have had more than a few years of french courses [and while i am not fluent to the point that i never mention that i'm "not fluent" because it connotes that i'm just outside of what is considered fluent whereas i am many standard deviations away]. i should also point out that i translated the word (out loud even) that i was attempting to pronounce because while i understood it, i hadn't run into it before. and yet this guy thinks he's encyclopedia brown. i've got news, i read those books as a kid and even l'encyclop�die brun studied the evidence.

it didn't even register at the time. it wasn't until recently (many hours later) that i realized just what had happened. and of course i am sure that i have done something similar to other people and therefore i am in the same camp. i realize.


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