this is an admittedly sick idea, but like all sick things i must let it out to infect others. (here i was going to compare that to an actual disaster of ignorance and disease. i deferred. sliding that into conversation is going to be much more difficult than the original joking thing..)

ready?.. you know all those angsty teenage online journals, yes? (no, those other ones. i hate you.) what if one of them is really a very interesting recounting of someone's life, but translated so as not to seem out of place?

what if it is a cry for help from someone trapped by people who monitor them, including their use of the internet?

what if it is coded by a government intelligence program so that a spies can get orders without arousing suspicion? i'm sure every country already does this because who could make sense of it without a particular date, time, url, cypher, paycheck, interest, .. also, the camel flies at midnight.


also also, there is new h#umor.


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