there is a particular story (recounted already in this pile of stories) of an event. i thought it was funny, others have agreed. (man, i'm awesome) i'm getting to the point. every now and then � every year or so(?) � while laughing about stupid stuff with said friend, that particular story will come up.

the last time it came up, i made the mistake of mentioning that i, wrote it down, or something to that effect. i was not stupid enough to mention it was here, or even online. when i realized that i couldn't say anything more about it, i dropped it. oh, but not before someone else chimed in with the lovely, "why would you write about it??" if there were a tag to make that text made out of jagged lines so you could feel the how dismissive and condescendingly it was said, i would use that tag. [i don't even have �blink� at my disposal..]

i didn't say anything. but why wouldn't i want to write something down that was that funny? i've forgotten so many things at this point. it's nice to have a few backed up.



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