there is a lot to dislike about the american electoral system � esp. the electoral college and the winner-take-all system � in my opinion. given the closeness of the last two elections, and the state of the current one, something struck me.

news tells me that the current front-runner is aiming for a landslide and the, um, behind-runner(?) is staging a comeback to make it a close race.

isn't it problematic that as little as ten votes could change an election for a country of over 300m from a nail-biter to a landslide? granted, it would probably be more like a few thousand or a few tens of thousands but still. if every vote were counted and that is how it ended up, so be it.* but winning 50% of a state should not be the same as winning 0% nor the same as 100%, but that is how it is.

* - i say so be it, when in reality i would like a parliamentary system without a winner-take-all vote.

it is a very very screwed up system, for reasons beyond what i've mentioned, and people are so sold on political parties that they blindly think they are the answer. hmm, you hated democrats in control, republicans all but salted the earth a la russia's retreat from the germans, and yet those two parties are going to save the day?

i'd go live in a submarine but i don't like confined spaces.



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