another thought in the shower. i don't know where other people think of things, but assume that for me the shower is that place.

numbers of things:

0 - the number of toppings i generally prefer on pizza. yes, i count crust, sauce, cheese as zero toppings.

0.57 - lowest price i've paid, per gallon, for gasoline. (it might have been 0.53..)

1 - the number of actual, old-fashioned, ink & paper penpals i have.

2.8 - liters.

3 - number of things i drink on a regular basis.

3.14159265358979 - the amount of pi i keep in my head. honestly, i never remember if it is 8979 or 7989.

4 - the number of relationships i have been in that i consider to have been serious. or actual.

5 - pairs of prescription glasses i've owned.

6 - number of schools i have attended, including preschool.

7? - average number of times per day i think about sushi.

8 - number of years i've had this.

10 - the number of products used to keep clean and smelling nice on a regular basis.

11.5-12 - shoe size.

12 - the age, in years, of a pair of shorts i bought new and still own/wear.

14 - number of states in which i've kissed a girl.

15 - number of sushi places i've been to, that i remember.

20-30 - average number of times per day i think about someone. or, at least, the idea of someone.

34 - waist size i've been buying my pants in lately.

99+ - mistakes, regrets, things i wish i could take back.



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