my supervisor at work has told me many times that if things are not right - and by that she means according to her definition - that it will bother her and she won't be able to sleep. i am pretty sure that is exaggeration, at least somewhat. regardless, i took a lesson from it.

i never want to let work ruin my time away from it. i realize that is idealistic, but if nearly a third of your life is supposed to be spent in an office or a cube or at a desk, then the last thing i want to do is to take that home with me.

that may become one of my new flags. if i cannot regularly put it down then i don't want to pick it up. i guess i should caveat that.. if i cannot regularly put down things that do not matter, then i do not want to pick them up.

i have a feeling that the plans i am tempting myself with might be ill-advised. but really, if not this, then what? i cannot think of anything better to do. (and not in a i guess i'll go do this sort of a way, but ..because this seems like a good idea.) seems is a key word.



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