there is, or was, this buy american hullabaloo of late because of the economy sag. i haven't heard it as much as i remember it in the past when there have been downturns, but it still bothers me. outside of my general disdain for pro-american sentimentality, i have some genuine issues with the idea that we should buy american-made products.

i understand some of the benefits, but maybe people should save some of their money. pay down some of their debt. but that's a little off-topic. if i was to go out today and buy a new car, i can guarantee you that it would not be from an american car manufacturer. they have been producing substandard cars for decades, been behind the cutting edge in efficiency and technology, and have benefited from and controlled legislation to favor themselves. there is no reason to keep them in business as they stand.

also, the whole buy local trend had gotten way out of hand. it makes sense when a farmer has some leftover land and grows a variety of garden type fruit or veg, and sells it at a market. but when there are entire farms, entire counties devoted to producing crops in areas that cannot support them (hello, california, new mexico, nevada, arizona..), then people are paying to steal water from other areas just to support their own. they could support advanced desalination powered by green energy, or they could live elsewhere without the artificially rockefellerian housing costs, but i digress.

also, as i've been borrowing a fair amount of movies from the library of late, i have to ask. does everyone have sand in their dvd players or is it just around here? this isn't the coast but i've never seen such scratched and rather gross dvds (and cases for that matter). wear and tear, i can understand. [that's a lie. i don't understand it.] but this is record-player bad; what i really hope was glue, bad; you know those scenes in thief movies where someone cuts the glass but it is still stuck together until they tap it, that kind of bad. i'd crack down if i were the library.

also.. i really miss the feel of soft skin; which is to say, i don't remember it. i think i do, but i don't. and i don't want to remember it, of course, i want it. and instead i ramble about the economy, which i'm not interested in that much, at all.



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