did you hear about that guy in texas who calls himself a prophet and his prediction? (i realize that i'm not being fair in saying that, "he calls himself a prophet," but considering what he has been wrong on, i have no proof indicating i should simply refer to him as a prophet. full stop.) anyway he predicted [beforehand] the world would end in a nuclear war a few days ago. i don't know about everyone else, but i didn't notice one. a nuclear war, that is.

didn't see it on the news, and saw no forecast of partly nucleary on the weather channel. and he's made an end-of-the-world (as we know it..) prediction before and it was wrong. (and he still has followers? how?)

this is why i don't understand crazy people. because they are crazy. if you are going to call yourself a prophet, and you know you are not one, do not go predicting stuff that has very little chance of happening. predict a red car will drive by, soonish. predict you'll have pizza for lunch, and then go buy yourself some. and at the very least, if you're going to predict the end of the world, leave it at that. don't go getting all specific with the whens and the hows. now three things have to happen, otherwise you're just making guesses.

the only reason i even brought this wacko up was to say that his end of the world prediction (w/o the date or cause) may be about to come true. i have, in the last seven days, seen two wo*dy al1en movies, and i liked them. he even starred in one of them. i'm not sure but i think i have to get to a nunnery.



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