dear subconscious and conscious minds,

it would be nice on those occasions when i dream of exes if some of the time, just some of the time, they could be mean or crazy or not attractive, or maybe they could stab me or something?

basically, if i did not have to wake up and reestablish that these people were mean or callous or mismatched with me, that would be nice.

also, while we're on a tangentially relevant subject, quit setting me up with people i know who are either unavailable or have no interest in me. i do not like it when friends or colleagues or people i do not even know are all smiles and laughing all night when they really aren't. dreaming about someone that i have known for years, with whom i was actually almost set-up with, and having her say that we should, give it a go, is pretty mean. because then i have to remember that we never got set-up and she is now married and has a kid.

also, pay more attention while you are driving, and get more work done.

The Mgmt.



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