so i have this tshirt. i was wearing it today while washing my car because i wore it last night to sleep in because i needed a clean shirt to wear to bed and it was the first one i grabbed. i was not aiming to be particularly political today, some times it just happens.

on it is the quote, "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." that's it. there is no ironic imagery, nor anything demeaning. the font is plain. that's all there is to this shirt, nothing more. and yet every single person who reads it laughs. and not a light bulb turning on sort of way either.

this is a key indication (to me) of the views held by most people. not only do they assume that all shirts are humorous [[your shirt says �Cambridge� on it... wait, i don't get it]], but that someone would actually wear that shirt. look, i get it. the point of shirts with words, now, is to be funny. i can forgive the expectation that this particular shirt should be as well. but once you've read it, how does that expectation turn into actual humor? doesn't that light turn on eventually? ever? i don't think it is that difficult of a quote to grasp. but i'm kooky.

i haven't even mentioned the worst part. people who know me still don't get it. granted, i don't march for equal rights, i'm not an activist, i wouldn't call myself a feminist necessarily, and what little i do i keep fairly private. but in any serious discussion, whenever i'm asked about such things, i always let my thoughts be known. and yet these same people still think that i would buy this joke shirt and have audacity to wear it in public. fucking morons.

totally unrelated, i've noticed that when i cook i am often not that hungry by the time the food is done because of all the tastes i've taken or all the snacks i've eaten while said food is doing whatever it is doing between instances of my input.

along that line, i would really like to have someone to split the cooking with. it's a chore to do it all the time. while i don't exactly mean a live-in pal, it may come to that.



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