just a few little things.

as an addendum to the tipping diatribe i recently had, i went out and bought pizza tonight. notice, no delivery. they made it, i bought it, i brought it home. and yet when i signed the receipt (foolish me, no cash), there was a line for the tip.

it seems to me that if you accept a job with a given hourly wage, asking for tips when they are not expected to be your paycheck, is incomprehensible. i realize that there are some instances when a tip would be nice (ordering a large quantity of something, say fifteen pizzas for a party), but even then, having a slot for it on every receipt is just crazy.

furthermore, if someone didn't see it, as i almost didn't, they might just sign it and leave. and signed receipts with blank tip / total slots are as safe as blank checks, i would assume.

and just to be clear, i'm not tight with money (even though i should be much more so), and i tip quite well actually.

speaking of being in another city, i was a few hours away at a rather large law library doing some research a few days ago. as it happened, i needed to make a lot of copies. so i'm in the copy room, when the copier runs out of legal sized paper. so i switch copiers � (there are three of them in the room by the way, and i am alone in the room) � and i am now across the (small) room from the copier i am using, going through the stack of books i have. i say, the copier i am using, because they require activation via money or card.

so i have a dollar or so still in machine credits when a guy walks in and starts using this copier. he had put a few coins in first, so i figured no harm, no foul, right? wrong. he then proceeds to make his copies, press the change button and take more coins than he put in in the first place. clearly they were not his, and yet he took them, without asking me, the only other person in the room, who was CLEARLY making copies from the stack of 100 or so sheets of copies right next to me. it was a dollar, so, oh well. it is the principle.

another reason to hate lawyers i guess.

third thing, unlike the other two it has not been brought to mind by recent events. it is the whole low-rise jeans thing. i know this is years late but as i am not forced to wear women's clothing, it is not a direct issue for me. but as i cannot find any proof that i have mentioned them previously, i will cease my refrain.

i will just lay it out there.. in most cases � say, 80%+? � they are unflattering. i agree, some people can pull it off. but if they alter your waist-to-hip line more than a very small amount, you may want to consider something else. and don't get all pissed at me, i'm a hip fan. hips and i are like this.

and no, i have no idea why i felt the need to mention it now. just be glad i stopped at this. i could have continued.



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