note: a basically palindromic date

i have tried, for some time now, to not list things that i dislike about people. not because i do not dislike many characteristics / traits, but because writing them down seems counter-productive.

what i mean is that by writing them down � and then potentially rereading them � i am committing to memory the dislike of a trait or quirk or affectation that may be nothing more than the knee-jerk reaction to a bad day.

i have never liked mushrooms. just haven't. and yet, i distinctly remember trying a mushroom ravioli of my then girlfriend and enjoying it. i think i am open to those sorts of things, and the point is that i want to remain that way.

i realize people and foods are not the same but if pushed i could list more than a few accents, hair styles, and daily rituals that generally drive me up the wall. have the right person come along, and they no longer seem that important.

and i said all that to say this.

i cannot imagine ever not minding someone chewing with their mouth open. and should the proverbial smacking sounds accompany such behavior, it will be difficult for me not to plot their demise.



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