i'm attempting my own version of this sort of list.�

i would rather sushi than pizza.
i would rather two dots than three.
i would rather sleep than sit around.
i would rather drink cranberry juice than anything else.
cd rather than radio.
i would rather non-fiction.

i would rather conversation than smalltalk.
i would rather be cold than warm.
plain rather than topped.
i would rather pursued than pursuer.

i would rather worn-in than new.
i would rather quality than quantity.
brunette rather than blonde
silver rather than gold.
monet rather than warhol.
simple rather than busy.
small groups rather than large.
i would rather be alone than unhappy.
i would rather not be alone.
gelato rather than ice cream.
natural rather than fake.

i would rather be told than forced to guess.
foreign rather than domestic.
drama rather than comedy.
wheat rather than white.
orange rather than apple.


� - listing things without the myriad associated caveats was difficult.
and the paragraph breaks hold no significance. not to me anyway.


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