so there's this report out today (to which i am not going to link because inevitably the link will change and then this will link to nothing and be useless anyway so just go do a news search for it you lazy, um, alpaca?), and it states that people should lose weight to cut their risk of various types of cancer later in life. the news site that i read links to a bmi (body mass index) calculator, and then to a chart.

first, let me say, as quaint as it is to have weight measured in stones and pounds, it's pretty annoying. and i live in a place that still uses many english measures. but, come on, no one is still spending farthings and guineas are they?

anyway, i am � and have been for some time � right near the top end of what is considered normal or healthy for my height. i'm aware of it. and to be honest, if i lost 5 or 10lbs., it wouldn't be so bad. i actually would prefer it. but according to what i should weigh, i would have to lose about 25lbs. that's a sizeable portion of my body.

not to mention i think that it would give me the body of one of those people who run constantly to the point where it looks as if they don't eat a protein bar every two hours then their diaphragm will stop working.

or a refugee.

you know. one or the other.

so what i'm trying to say here is that i like food too much to seriously consider using an iron lung to keep me alive at night. okay. almost too much.



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